When is it time to move to an ERP?

When is it time to move to an ERP?

For many growing businesses, it’s not a matter of if they’ll need enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, but when. As your company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage everything and it can become costly, time-consuming and prone to mismanagement. That is where ERP can help.

Although ERP offers business solutions for inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, CRM and more, it has had a somewhat bad reputation when it comes to implementation, specifically project timespan and the need for major financial investment.

In fact, some companies avoid ERP altogether which ends up hurting them in the long run. Many fear they can’t afford a major ERP overhaul and they will lose the systems they currently have in place. Others worry about choosing the right ERP solution for their business.

While there isn’t a universal rule dictating when it’s time to move to an ERP, a lot of businesses share common pain points that an ERP system can resolve. So, when should you move to an ERP?

If your business identifies with any of the following signs, it’s probably time.

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You’ve outgrown your existing software

Many businesses experience growing pains when it comes to their initial software. While you can try to stretch it out, you’re just delaying the inevitable. Unlike the entry-level software you’ve been using, ERP is designed to store large amounts of data across the entire business.

Your process is inefficient

Some common challenges for growing businesses and the main reasons to upgrade to an ERP system include losing track of spreadsheets, switching between software, and struggling to get your apps to communicate with each other.

A lack of communication between processes can result in unwanted surpluses or shortages which in return, can derail production and throw off timelines. ERP eliminates duplicate processes across various applications and provides a central workspace for your business.

You’re spending too much on software integration

Many businesses, in their efforts to avoid an ERP solution, will continue adding applications to their already complex process. This can be both expensive and frustrating for the users. ERP systems streamline data all while reducing training costs, user error and the overall expense of maintaining multiple systems.

You’re struggling to meet customer demands

The level of competition in the marketplace is increasing and so are the expectations of customers. If you feel like you can’t afford to invest in meeting your customer’s expectations, and you’re not willing to give your staff the tools they need to succeed, you’ll lose them to a competing business. Adopting an ERP solution allows you to better manage your time internally, so you can focus on exceeding customer expectations and growing your business.

Why Adept?

While ERP may seem like an overwhelming and costly task to get started, it doesn’t have to be the nightmare project you may think it is. Adept makes the process of simplifying your accounting functions headache-free.

We have an out-of-the-box solution to implementation that makes the transition as smooth as possible and work with you to get started sooner, before the hero efforts kick in.

“We’ve changed the way that ERP is implemented, so that it’s not as difficult or costly.”

– Adam Drewes, General Manager of ERP at KOPIS

With Adept, you can reduce organizational change for a move to ERP, immediately enable employees to perform their tasks proficiently and focus on operational improvements without impacting your accounting team.